Recommended Read: Pineapple Men

I’ve been bowled over by a really impressive piece of writing today. It’s called Pineapple Men and it’s a blog post by a very funny and interesting lady who calls herself Zoewiezoe, from the Netherlands.

She’s now my favourite writer.

Hang on… is that allowed? I’m a married man, am I allowed to pay compliments to other women?

Of course I can, just as long as I keep it in my trousers and keep my brain and intentions pure and honourable.

Warning: there’s some suggestive/sexy content ahead. But you’re all adults reading my blog, right?

Check out Zoe’s excellent post, here:

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I'm on a spiritual quest for a meaningful life, ridding myself of shame for the things I love, determined not to let depression or addiction get the better of me.

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